Beautiful & One Of A Kind Geologically Inspired Art

Family owned and operated, Nature’s Canvas offer geologically inspired art pieces, unique mineral photo prints, and one of a kind rock and mineral specimens to grace your home or office.

We are passionate and professionally accredited geologists. We are captivated by the beautiful and elegant wonders of nature on the smallest scale that are often invisible to the naked eye

With every order you get a beautiful high resolution image on either canvas, acrylic, or a print on 240 gsm Ultra Premium Lustre photo paper. Each image will have our artist’s signature, our Nature’s Canvas gold seal authentication stamp, and a card detailing sample location and mineralogical information depicted in the image.



Canvas prints are a contemporary, elegant and artistic way of showcasing wall decor. Our photos are rendered at the highest possible resolution, graphically enhanced to maximize the print clarity, quality, and colour consistency.

Prints are hand-stretched and wrapped onto a heavy-duty canvas stretcher frame which are available in two different thicknesses (3/4″) and (1′ 3/4″).



Your custom sized print is printed on 240 gsm Ultra Premium Lustre photo paper.  This instant drying paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, and its 10-mil RC base gives prints a photographic feel, and keeps the paper cockle-free.

Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper delivers highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photographic reproductions.



Seeing these photos on an Acrylic Print is an eye-popping experience. The combination of super-vivid printing, professional-quality materials, and the depth and details of the images creates a truly magical effect.

Our Acrylic Prints are provided with a sleek Float Mount System which is completely hidden when your Acrylic Print is hanging on the wall.

1,000’s of images to choose from

We have an image library containing 1,000’s of images. Categories include Bright Colours, Earth Tones, Fall Colours, and Natural Colours. Contact us to see a full listing of our images.

Professionally Found, Passionately Curated

The images we capture are high in quality, and unique in composition. Our captured images are natural phenomena created by using a specialized rock microscope that emits plane-polarizing and cross-polarizing light. 

One of A Kind

Our images capture the beautiful and elegant wonders of nature on the smallest scale, that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Our team works tirelessly to maintain our image library and provide our clients with a one of a kind, elegant art piece.

Masks now Available

Nature’s Canvas has gone “Stone Faced”! The are available in small, medium, and large, and are $20 each.  

They are non-medical, 100% cotton, machine washable.  Currently avaiable in the two patterns you see below. Contact us today to get yourself one of these one of a kind masks. 

Amphibole Grains

Amphibole Grains

Plagioclase Grains

Amphibole Grains

For more fashions using our one of a kind geologically inspired art, please check out our clothing line here

Meet The Team

Dr. Natalie Pietrzak-Renaud

Founder and Curator

Natalie is a professional geologist by trade. Her passion for geology started at the age of 4 when she began collecting rocks from the driveway at the family cottage. Following the completion of her Masters degree she and Jim started their own geological consulting firm in London. She shares a passion for rocks, minerals, and science. Her geological work has taken her to many remote locations and the rocks she has studied are portrayed in our gallery.

Dr. Jim Renaud

Co-Founder and Associate Curator

Jim is a professional geologist by trade. His passion for rock and mineral collecting inspired him to become a geologist 20 years ago. He is most fascinated by collecting large rock and mineral specimens and viewing them at a microscopic level. The gallery of images provided here are some of his best work.

Dr. Andrea Pietrzak

Cultural Researcher

Andrea’s fascination for the cultures and religious studies of the world have made her a perfect cultural researcher for Nature’s Canvas. Andrea has developed an appreciation for rocks and minerals and has her own private collection of special specimens from around the world. She is keen on researching metaphysical properties of rocks and minerals and their uses in ancient cultural civilizations.

Mati Edwards of Mati Designs

Interior Decorator / Home Stager

Let Mati walk you through the process of making the best, most efficient use of your space. With the comfort and confidence that can only come from working with a professional, you can rest assured that your home will look its absolute best and you’ll look forward to coming home every day!

Let Mati enhance the beauty of your home.  She will work together with you and help you choose the perfect “Natures Canvas” to hang proudly and majestically on your walls in your home or office.  Make it yours, make a statement!

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